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Pocono Wine Country

Updated: Jan 21

Who would have thought that the Poconos boasts some of the best wine in the country? I sure didn't!

During a wine tour with a group of family and friends, we visited six vineyards/wineries all within close proximity. The experience was much more fun than we anticipated. At each venue, we tasted five different wines and even got to keep souvenir wine glasses at each one. That was a very nice keepsake.

We started at Franklyn Hill, the tasting room is homie, well decorated, and clean. The staff was great! They had a selection of jams and pretzels to taste as well. One thing I liked about this location is that they have an entire wall of wine gear that you can purchase. One of our friends purchased a super cute wine tote. The wine was good, not our favorite on the trail but definitely a contender. Our favorite was the plum champagne, it was delicious!

Next stop was Blue Ridge Winery, this was by far the best wine, it was even listed as the best wine in the North East by Travel + Leisure Magazine. The owner and his wife gave us a tour and explained their history and vision. Amazing! It was the most picturesque, had large firepits outside, live music and great food choices. You can definitely spend an entire afternoon just hanging out here. The sunset was magical, I cannot wait to go back in the summer for their dinner at the vineyard series.

Renegade Winery had live music, a young, hip crowd and was lots of fun. This was my favorite stop because it was the most lively. The owner even let us order cheese boards to get delivered from a tapas bar nearby.

We also stopped at Banters and Tolinos. Banters serves hard cider, some were good, others not the best. Tolinos was super cute, their outdoor seating was very chill, they even had photo props for our selfies. We will probably skip these on the next tour.

Spending time with family/friends and making memories with those you love most is always special. Our group of twelve had a great time. We are already planning the next outing.

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Poconos Getaway
Poconos Getaway
Apr 04, 2019

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